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Photo Copy and Restoration

We copy and restore old photographs, paintings and other artwork and make them look like new.

Photo Copies - Photo Copying - Photo Restoration - Copying Old Photos - Copying Paintings - Restoring Paintings

Your precious originals never leave our studio!

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Step 4

Choose Your Hand-Made Prints

Available in Your Choice of Four Qualities:
Standard, Premium,  Archival & Gallery Wrap


  • Standard Prints

Made on standard professional photo paper. This paper has a semi-matte surface.

  • Premium Prints

Premium prints are custom made to our exacting standards on Premium Professional paper. This thicker, upscale paper closely resembles the papers of yesteryear. It has a semi-matte surface.

  • Archival Prints

Archival prints have all the beauty and benefits of Premium Prints, plus they are printed on Museo Portfolio Rag Archival Paper. This beautiful paper is a 100% Cotton, acid free, fine art paper designed to last for 200 years or more. This is the right choice for heirloom images that will stand the test of time.

Gallery Wraps are printed directly on Artist's Canvas. The canvas is then wrapped around a rigid frame and sealed with a protective coating that can be damp wiped.  It is ready to hang using the  hangers that are already included on the back. Framing is not needed, but they can be framed, if desired.

Step 1

We'll make a high resolution digital copy negative.

Fee For Making Copy Negative: $20.00

Originals Larger Than 11" on one side: $35.00

 Paintings of any size: $50.00

Originals under glass that cannot be removed - $65

 Negatives are FREE, with a print order over $250
from that negative and not including mounting.

Quantity Discounts: 5 or more - 25% Discount

10 or more - 50% Discount.

You Get To Keep The Original Digital Negative! See
Optional Add-Ons for price of the Restored Negative.


Step 2

Is Your Original In Good Condition?
YES, Go to Step 4 - Making Prints

If NO, Go to Step 3 - Restorations


Step 3

Restoring Damaged Prints

  • Restoration is done on the high resolution digital negative.
  • Your original is never altered and is returned to you just as we received it.
  • Price is determined by the amount and complexity of damage: Basic, Complex, Extreme and Special Quote.
  • Rarely is an image so severely damaged as to require a Special Quote.

After the restoration is done, there are two options:

  1. We can keep the restored digital negative on our secure server with multiple back-ups so that you can order additional prints at any time.
  2. The digital negative of the original, un-restored image is included. You may buy the restored digital negative for $20.



Here Are Some Of Our Photo Copy and Restoration Services

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Optional Add-Ons Protective Spray - protects the print from fading, prevents it from sticking to the frame glass and allows it to be cleaned with a damp cloth.
4$3.95 for prints up through 11x14.
4Larger than 11x14 but smaller than 24x30 - $10
424x30 and larger - $30 Mounting on Salon Mat Board
4$11 for prints up through 11x14.
4Larger than 11x14 but smaller than 16x20 - $20
416x20 up to 20x30 - $35
4Larger than 20x30 - $65
4Not needed for Canvas Gallery Wraps. Restored Digital Negative - $25
Size Standard
1st. Print
1st Print
1st. Print
Archival Duplicates Gallery Wrap
Wallet 4 for 15.00 4 for 10.00 4 for 20.00 4 for 15.00 4 for 35.00 4 for 30.00 N/A
4x5 / 4x6 14.00 9.00 19.00 12.00 35.00 30.00 N/A
5x7 16.00 10.00 20.00 14.00 39.00 29.00 55.00
8x10 22.00 15.00 29.00 18.00 45.00 35.00 65.00
11x14 45.00 29.00 56.00 33.00 89.00 69.00 89.00
16x20 79.00 65.00 99.00 79.00 179.00 139.00 129.00
20x24 119.00 89.00 129.00 109.00 229.00 199.00 149.00
20x30 139.00 99.00 169.00 129.00 299.00 259.00 189.00

Placed boy on a chair by himself.
Added background and floor. Colorized.

A Faded Memory Comes Alive






 Before: Notice that the left Horse's Head is blurred.

 After: Notice that the left Horse's Head is now sharp.



Special Note About Rolled-Up Panoramic Prints

Some military and class group photos were made very wide and have been rolled-up for years. DO NOT attempt to un-roll them as they will crack! They must be re-humidified first! Re-humidification is $35

If you have already unrolled it and it is cracked, don't worry - we can still restore it!

 Original Tintype - Before


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