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Boudoir Photography
for Women Over 40

40 or over and think it's too late for scintillating, sexy portraits?

Think Again!
Here's a story you may find both amusing and informative.

A 55 year old woman came for a boudoir session, bringing her friend. She and her friend had gone to Victoria's Secret to buy lingerie for her session. Her friend said, "Why do you want to do this? At your age do you think wearing sexy lingerie is going to turn your husband on?"

Her answer:
"Well, when you're the only naked woman in the room you look pretty good! And, he's been taking pictures of me, but they look terrible. If he's going to have them I want to look good."

After her friend saw the results of her boudoir session she called for her own appointment!

Mention this story when you book your boudoir portrait session and get a
10% Discount. For Women 40 or over Only.

Cannot be combined with any other discount or special.


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